About the Blogger

The most important thing for anybody to understand about me is this…

I am in the process of becoming.

I am continually becoming who it is that I am.  This is all part of my Waking Up. I now understand this will be a lifelong journey. I do not believe that there will ever be a moment in my life where I will be able to say, “I have arrived!” Quite honestly, that excites me and gives me great joy. I am forever a work-in-progress.

However, there are a few things about me that I do know for sure. I am a husband to an amazing woman who I am so thankful that I get to journey through life and partner with.  I am a father to 3 incredible kiddos who bring me joy and give me gray hair.  I am a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. I fell madly in love with Creation and the Universe which has led me to a deep love of all things Science. Yes, I believe Faith and Science not only can coexist with one another, but that they compliment one another and inform one another.  You will find that many of my writings will have the themes of science and faith intersecting with one another.

One thing that I have recently discovered about myself that has been a large part of my Waking Up, is the discovery that I am a 9 on the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is an incredible tool that helps you know and be aware of yourself more deeply.  It is also a tool that helps you learn to navigate and interact with the many different relationships we all have in our lives.  Much of this blog will be me sharing my journey through life as a ‘9.’  As you will find out reading through my posts…’Waking Up’ holds an entirely different meaning for 9’s.

This is my journey. My thoughts. My opinions. My wrestling. My struggles.  My joys. The thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed here do not represent the church I serve, nor the ELCA. They represent me. Obviously most, if not all, of the beliefs expressed here will be in alignment with the ELCA and the church’s confessions as that is the lens through which I view and experience life.